“All this to create a superior-quality finished product.”

Our Mission


𝝣xARCITÉ exist to offer innovative, reflected thoughtful living and working spaces especially suited to the people.  To create better performing buildings adapted to the specificity of their purpose yet fundamentally adaptable, we consider the available built and bioclimatic data of their environment. We suggest more durable than basic conception solutions by sometimes exceeding the minimum requirements and only after careful verifications and analysis. All this, to create a superior-quality finished product.


We assist you who aim to build, remodel, or improve the performance and quality of your assets by: creating healthier interiors, selecting specifications to improve building overall energy consumption performance (to reduce monthly expenses for the owner) and to increase comfort through application of high performance and durability standards.


We are constantly improving our knowledge to better ourselves and to offer the best services to our clients. For example, in 2020 we trained on the Montréal rules and regulations with renowned local legal experts and we started our training to become PASSIVE HOUSE™ certified consultants. We plan to follow through with the WELL™ certification training in 2021-2022. All this knowledge, plus our professional network of partners, allow us to offer the appropriate support and assistance to our clients through the process of planning and executing various types of projects.


We aim to provide the best creative and innovative thought leadership, authentic team leading, through quality, competence, expertise, and objectivity. And by offering the best creative services and solutions, we aim to fully satisfy client objectives in the fields of architecture, project planning, interior design, landscape architecture. This make us uniquely qualified to deliver the solutions you require across these fields of expertise.

“Our values are the unifying groundwork of what we do. We build the foundations of our success together on them and they are clear to us”

Our Philosophy


We deeply believe in innovation, excellence and take pride in the quality of our work. We are transparent in our dealings. We measure success by the positive retroactions or our clients and collaborators.


We build solid, authentic relationships based on mutual trust. Our actions are guided by integrity and respect for you, our clients, suppliers, partners, and each other.

Client connection

We share your passion. We care about your issues or success and support you every step of the way. Our relationships are based on careful consideration and entrepreneurial thinking.

Team spirit

We are enriched by our diversity. We share our deep and wide-ranging expertise to help our clients. We collaborate and respect each other’s differences to work together to make each project a success.


We are rigorously committed to help create a better tomorrow by efficiently creating durable and reliable assets for you, our clients. We take responsibility for our actions in all our dealings both inside and outside our Firm.


We recognize the universal need for balance. Since we all face unique challenges in fulfilling the duties of our personal and professional lives, we value a work environment that enables us to achieve a healthy balance.

The founding member and president of 𝝣xARCITÉ has been an active contributor to the realization of private and public award winning projects in the Montréal area.

Our Story

Eric Massé gratuated from Montreal University in 1996 and he has been an active contributor, through collaboration with renowned architectural and engineering firms, to the realization of private and public award winning projects in the Montréal area. He had over two decades to practice a reflective conceptual approach to is conception work. His basic tools being light, natural materials and textures to create emotionally meaningful spaces anchored in space through new constructions and remodelling, public and private parks and in urban areas and private mountain retreats.

Over the years, Eric also acquired extensive technical skills in projects such as the development of Montmorency and De La Concorde Metro Stations, Aéroports de Montréal and Jewish General Hospital. Meanwhile he was coordinating teams of professionals, specialists, and field experts, from preliminary studies to site quality control and construction administration.

After 20 years in such intense projects, exhausted, Eric had to retire for about a year and meditate on all that he had accomplished and not been at the same time. What had happened to him can happen to the best of us. He had to break the habit of being his old self and find back the spark – his zest for life. And find, he did. He knew now that he deeply needed to have a durable and positive impact on the environment and the people around him. He had realised that his path would be to lead an innovative integrated solution oriented company that would become a provider of creative and durable answers to architectural and real-estate needs. His boutique sized firm would be especially suited to upscale residential, commercial, and sometimes more complex specialized projects of the institutional and transport sectors.

In unparalleled times, spring 2020, he mindfully creates the company that adapt to his vision. This company respond to a need to offer more thoughtful living and working spaces, better performing buildings that are more suited and more durable for those who seek them by exceeding the minimum requirements and having a commitment to excellence. 𝝣xARCITÉ then quickly identify partners, collaborators and potential employees who share common beliefs not only about integrity, excellence, rigorous work but also about the importance of having positive approach, believing in innovation and boldness with a dose of appropriate caution and being a good team player.