From schematic design to construction, our team can provide:

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Schematic design and planning phase

Reviews of program and required building characteristics

Initial conceptual research

Propose architectural options

Legislation and regulations research analysis

Contact and coordinate with consulting engineers

Provide the schematic design documents

Estimate construction budget per unit of space or area

Design development Phase

Advanced conceptual research

Provide the design development document

Continue to consult the regulations and codes

Coordinate with consulting engineers and experts

Estimate revised construction budget

Construction documents phase

Innovative details resolution research

Provide the construction documents for approval

Continue to consult the regulations and codes

Coordinate with consulting engineers and experts

Estimate the final construction budget

For those who seek for more, our team can provide:

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Architectural Preservation

Documentation of Historic Buildings

Heritage District Preservation Study

Preservation Report

Audio and Cinema System integration

Building inspection, building enclosure disorder analysis and reporting

Certification and documentation for LEED™, BOMA™, PHCan™/Qc, WELL™ ₁

Computer Applications

Construction progress photos

Coordination of Client-supplied Data

Documentation of historic buildings

Documentation Services

Establishing Furniture Requirements

Exit and evacuation plans

Exterior and interior lighting conception, design, and specifications,

Furniture and finishes design, specifications and purchasing

Furniture Selection and Layout Planning

Graphic design

Integrated design process

Interior and Exterior Signage Design

Interior Design Services

Landscape design

Materials and equipment inventory

Meeting with Competent Authorities,

Post-construction Services

Pre–Design Phase Services

Project Administration and Construction Management Services

Promotion and Public Relations


Selection of Interior Materials, Finishes and Colours, Light Fixtures, etc.

Services relating to the work of a Construction Manager or an Advisor (cont.)

Site Services

Testing reports (specialized) and enclosure commissioning (BECx) ₂

Urban Design

  1. Not all available yet – contact us for details.
  2. Building enclosure commissioning (BeCx) is a quality-focused process designed to ensure a building meets the owner’s project requirements and performance objectives. Ultimately, BeCx ensures a building’s quality and durability. To complete missions like these, we act as coordinators and can mandate the tests required for the client to satisfy.
  3. The services we provide are not limited to the list above. Some mentionned services require collaboration with external ressources.
  4. All services to be provided as per each specific contractual agreement which sums the extent of 𝝣xARCITÉ mandate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.